Duck Farming Guide – 5 Important Steps to Make Raising Ducks an Enjoyable Endeavour

Duck farming is one of the most thriving livelihoods there is because of rewards that can be reaped from raising them. Ducks are usually reared for business purposes because the products that can be derived can be sold off in the market. Ducks are also often a favorite in many farms because they eat parasites that would have otherwise attacked crops and other livestock. Raising ducks can be an enjoyable endeavor and before beginning, you should consult a duck farming guide first to help you with the tasks at hand.

Tip #1:
The first thing you need to do is to extensively research on everything about raising ducks. You should be able to find out on what conditions they thrive, how they are fed, what kind of shelter they should have and what diseases may befall them. Books, the internet and other farmers can be great sources of information.

Tip #2:
You should also be able to first determine why you want to raise ducks. Is it for business or purely ornamental reasons? This step is important because it will help you determine what kind of breed to raise.

Tip #3:
Information on the different duck breeds can be found on any duck farming guide available. For example, if it’s the egg-laying capability you are after, then the Khaki Campbell Duck would be the wisest choice.

Tip #4:
Next, you should ensure that you have all equipment needed as per the duck farming guide. Duckling brooders are especially important for ducklings because it provides just the right conditions to suit their needs. Shelter for ducks should also be at par with the standards necessary for their growth and survival. The shelter must be resilient and large enough to allow them room to move a little bit. Most importantly, it should be able to protect them from harsh conditions like heat and rain. The shelters should ideally be near a pool or pond as well so the ducks can have somewhere to swim and exercise.

Tip #5:
Mating is one of the most sensitive tasks as described in any duck farming guide. Drakes, which are male ducks, should be kept separate from the female and allow them interaction only when you wish to mate them. One drake can be mated to about six to ten female ducks when they are about four to five months old. The length of time it takes for them to lay eggs varies depending on their breed. For example, Muscovy ducks lay eggs when they are about six to seven months old.

Rearing Ducks As Pets the Easy Way

Rearing ducks may be done for leisure or for business. Rearing ducks as pets would mean that you just want to see little ducklings near your home or in your own pond or pool. It could be because you love nature and that you want to be near all sorts of animals possible, preferably those that can be properly domesticated. However, you may also rear ducks for business purposes. You could sell your ducklings when they are all grown up or you can cook duck to serve at your restaurant. Whatever your reason, rearing ducks has a certain formula. It is not a difficult formula, mind you, but it is still good to follow certain guidelines.

The Protein Diet

Rearing ducks is not about throwing bread crumbs at them for feeding sessions. They are not like that flock of birds at the park. You have to feed them a protein-rich diet and not fatten them with carbohydrates. During their first few weeks especially, you should be able to feed them about protein at about 20% of their whole diet.

Artificial Heat Source

If your ducklings are living with their mother, you will not have problem taking care of them. This is because they have their natural source of heat. However, it would be different if you have bought the ducklings without their mother. You will have to provide them with an artificial heat source. Just compare rearing ducks, especially ducklings, to taking care of little babies in an incubator. Grown ducks are known to survive liquid temperatures below zero but may not thrive in similar dry but freezing conditions.

Available Water

Being in the right temperature and eating adequate and healthy foods may seem enough to survive but your pet ducks need something else. They need water. You may have read that ducks can do well in your backyard but they may not be perfectly happy about it. If you want your pet ducks thriving and happy, you need to provide them a place to swim about. Ducks are happy when they are in the water. Water is an easy provision if you are near a pond or a lake. However, if you live in the suburbs and not the countryside, the chances are much slimmer. You have to buy your ducks a wading pool.

Ducks For Sale? Rising Demand For Duck Eggs and Meat

There are many reasons why people raise ducks. Some may say it is for business reasons, while others may answer that they want to have them as a pet. No matter the reason behind your decision to raise ducks, what can be agreed upon are the benefits that can be derived from them. As a businessman, the rising demand for duck eggs and meat is welcome news. Restaurants, in particular, are some of the most high-paying buyers of duck products which are why many farmers put up advertisements on ducks for sale to pique their interests.

The power of advertisement is great and the many ads that grace televisions, radios and newspapers is living proof of that. The classified ads that can be found in various newspapers are a great place where you can put your advertisements up on ducks for sale. Since newspapers charge per word on advertisements, it is more practical to include a phone number alongside the short description of your products. This way, interested individuals can contact you to learn more about the ducks.

Another way to advertise ducks for sale is on televisions and radios although, admittedly, advertising through these means is rarely done. Putting up flyers is a great alternative and the good thing about this is you can choose where to advertise. This means that you can target streets with lined up cafes or restaurants. You should also ensure that you put up posters on busy streets. A school is another great place to advertise your ducks for sale. Children love pets and putting up colorful posters about them will surely pique their interests.

Advertising on the internet is perhaps the most powerful way to advertise you ducks for sale. The internet offers vast possibilities and reaches a lot of audience. Almost every home now has a computer or a laptop connected to the internet. Technology has gripped the world. In fact, it was found that computers are slowly becoming a staple in people’s lives.

The other great thing about it is the fact that you can make use of different strategies to help your advertisement reach a wider audience. The use of Search engine optimization will surely help your website climb up the search engine ladder hence increasing the number of visits you get. After all, more visits mean more customers. Websites also allow users to personalize their pages to make it unique and attractive.